ZeekRewards will make me a millionaire, Bidify will make me a multi-millionaire

This title is not my own words…

I do not know who said it. Someone in internet.

And I just turned to his side for the moment, and clicked his link.

Since that I was Bidify.Join Bidify today get free bids win Bidsson auction

Even with no doubts about “should I wait?”, “what if..”, “hmm… OK but I will do it later..”

The only what I did before registration at Bidify, I watched Bidify Presentation

So, lets talk about Bidify/Bidsson benefits –  new competition of the other well knows penny auction.

  • Bidify offers a state of the art, first class affiliate system, and is the marketing arm of Bidsson new modified penny auction.  Bidify and Bidsson are both operating globally through the internet.
  • Bidify and Bidsson both companies are privately held by several entrepreneurs from different parts of the world.  The company has put together a unique profit sharing system, making it possible for affiliates to earn cash rewards, based on their own and their teams marketing efforts.
  • Up to 50% of the daily net-profit from the Bidsson auctions are paid into this profit sharing system.  Thanks to this, the Bidify opportunity is considered one of the most rewarding online opportunities ever.
  • Bidify joining fee:  is 100 euro.
  • Bidify monthly admin fee: is 20 euro. …Actually your referrals help you to gain 20 euro. Bidify monthly fee is possible to pay with your FSC account. (Frequent Sale Credit Bonus).
  • Bidify entry levels: 1 entry level Bidify Affiliate.
  • Bidify commission qualification: Purchase 50PV. (50 retail bids/month) Every Bidify Affiliate also a Bidsson customer. We are earning by bidding. To get qualified for daily Bidify rewards – you need to have 50PV monthly(that you can buy, and it comes together with 65  retail bids to bid at Bidsson auction). You may win something at auction and resale it back to Bidsson! So, you will compensate your 50PV expenses. 50PV is also possible to pay with your FSC account. (Frequent Sale Credit Bonus).. NO daily ads at Bidify, just 50PV monthly.
  • Bidify basic compensation plan: 15 levels Unilevel. (Bidify is not a Matrix!) Unlimited width gives you unlimited income potential.
  • Bidify legal registered addresses: USA and Ireland
  • Bidify sample bids expire: 120 days
  • Bidsson penny auction quality: High quality website. Very similar in design to the worlds leading penny auction site.
  • Bidify personal retail bid commission: 20%. In Bidify all Affiliates are also Customers, and 50PV needed for qualification makes everybody to buy retail bids. It’s so simple – if you want to have daily cash rewards by company you should buy not only sample bids but also retail(Bidsson) bids. Suppose you have 10 Affiliates – all of them will buy retail bids for 50PV monthly, and you will get 20%. Your free Customers can buy retail bids alslo. That is 20% commission for your Bidify account. So this Bidify 20% Retail Bids bonus gonna bring you huge unlimited income.
  • Bidify maximum sample bid purchase limit: 25 000 sample bids per year. Your Bidify sample bids generate you daily cash rewards by company.  You just have to remember to have at least 1 retail customer for every 1000 sample bids you have at your account. There are websites that you can buy customers if you need it. Totally legal and approved by the company.
  • Bidify sample bids purchase commissions: +4% level 1,  +4% level 2,  +4% level 3.  Yes! It is 3 levels deep!
  • Bidify overall rating: 5 stars! Seriously consider to join. Its a great chance for you to get on the top and earn unlimited income. This time you can be the Leader and you can bring in everyone!

…and you never have to say “What If I had joined in the beginning”…


2 thoughts on “ZeekRewards will make me a millionaire, Bidify will make me a multi-millionaire

    • No referring required with Bidify to get cash rewards daily. If you have no downline (active affiliates) under your account – you still getting paid on a daily basis.

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